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How to Install Display Case Doors

Here’s how to install and remove your display case doors:

When shipping and moving cases it’s best to remove the doors. It’s West Display Case doors are easy to install, adjust, and remove. Grab a friend to help hold the door.

To remove glass door: Use the correct screwdriver to loosen the screws at the top hinge of the door. Have your friend hold the door and slowly remove it from the hinge holding onto the hinge, screws, and spacer (paper or plastic). Pull the door up from the bottom hinge and it’s out.

To install or replace door: Pick up the door and place the bottom hinge peg into the hinge hole at the bottom of the display case. Holding the top hinge in the hole, slip top of the glass door into the top hinge. Insert the spacer between the metal hinge and the glass. Tighten both screws. Check that the door is level and even with the side and top of the case. Close door and check that it lines up on both sides.

To straighten readjust doors: Have your friend hold the door while you loosen the screws in the top hinge and adjust the level. Retighten screws. Close doors and check both sides. ALWAYS CHECK THE SCREW TIGHTNESS!!

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