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Why Should I Buy a Custom Display Case?

Wondering if you should buy a custom display case?

Have you spent substantial time and money on building your collection? Keeping your precious collectibles in shoe boxes under the bed, or in a poorly lit commercial curio cabinet with dangerously thin plate glass shelving and no locks, is not the best way to enjoy and protect your prized possessions.

A custom display case from It’s West is a small investment to safely show off your collection and enjoy viewing it every day.

How do I decide what I need?

Q: What if I want 2 display cases and my useable space is only 7’10” wide?

A: We can modify our basic design to produce 2 cases with a maximum width of 47” to fit your space.

Q: Are custom exterior colors for available for my display case?

A: Black is our standard color. However, the exterior color can be virtually any solid color you wish. For example, we have created custom display cases which matched paint samples obtained by the customer from their local hardware store.

Q: Are custom case interior colors and materials available?

A: We recommend a white case interior for most applications. We have, also, manufactured cases with light gray interiors and they looked good as well. Custom cases can also have clear glass or mirrored glass backgrounds. It’s up to you to decide which case interior/background will best fit your collectibles and specific installation. (see examples: white, light gray)

Q: What if I have special lighting requirements?

A: We are experts in leading-edge LED lighting systems. We welcome your ideas on adding additional lights or incorporating other “color temperatures” to the basic case design. Please ask us.

Q: What if I want to add additional shelves or want to change the spacing between the shelves?

A: We have designed our cases with spacing appropriate for most collectibles. However, if your collectibles are unusually short or tall, the number of shelves or shelf spacing can be re-engineered to better utilize the interior space for your needs.

Contact us for bulk, custom, and special order pricing. Want a quote or have a question? Get in touch!

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